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Learn how to make your own My Pregnancy Board to stay Happy and Positive during pregnancy


Pregnancy is the biggest happiness in the whole wide world. Being HAPPY, SMILING and being CHEERFUL are SWAG and the COOLEST thing one can do during pregnancy.

My Pregnancy board changed my attitude to make me happy and positive
My Pregnancy board changed my attitude to make me happy and positive

Topic for today – MY PREGNANCY BOARD

I made my very first My Pregnancy Board because I was crazy, scared, worried and had no clue what was happening (obviously in my first pregnancy, lot of it can be blamed on the pregnancy hormones). I decided to keep myself motivated, alert and remind me of good things about pregnancy by this small act. Guess what? I ended up feeling smart, alert, prepared, aware and most important of all HAPPY every time I looked at it.

You can ask me what is “My Pregnancy Board”?

No my dears, Google will not answer this one! Pregnancy is no different than a resolution or a goal. In fact it is more difficult and tests you in every possible way. My take is when you can prepare yourself for that very important presentation, ultimate marathon, super 30 IAS class then why not for pregnancy? Why not be informed, learn all that you can, use the same idea of the vision board for pregnancy too? But it is not new we have been doing it unknowingly. Time is right to do and be aware of the happiness we can bring with simple informed act.

Everyone does it: In our culture we hear that pregnant ladies put pictures of hero (good looking Salman Khan obviously, wink), lord Krishna, Jesus or a happy baby in their rooms. They strategically place it such that they can look at it the first thing in morning. Why do they do it? Not just because their neighbors or granny said so! It takes no brains to understand what I am trying to emphasize here.

You See – > You Believe – > You Do

Explanation of the examples: When you see a happy baby picture in the morning you believe that during the day you will take good care of the little life inside you, you will nourish them with good food and you will send them love and happiness along with it.

When you see Krishna or Jesus in the morning you believe that he is taking good care of you both and your family, you will send good thoughts and a beautiful smile to the little one inside you.

This smile is a positive note to that little life. When you see the favorite Hero poster in the morning you believe that success, happiness, love is all possible to achieve for you and you will take care of your little one inside you in every possible way because this person on the poster has done it in his or her life.

Let me break it in 3 simple points why you should have a pregnancy board?

  1. Set The Mood Right For The Day: Concentrate and focus on the good and happy. Start your day with the right motivation and set tasks for the day. Feel the energy that you have put in collectively with your family to come so far. Be the person you want yourself to be. Help yourself to prepare for the day and how you want to spend it. Use this time to collect information about your pregnancy and its needs. Remember always you have come so far and will go farther. (Read what motivations to include in the pregnancy board)
  1. Get Positive Energy: Inspire yourself. Be happy and strong. Look forward to new and happy experiences. From the little kicks to giant leaps everything is going to make you feel more beautiful as a person from inside out. Remember every day to look at the board and get your inner strength. We all know Positive thoughts and happiness go hand in hand. It is not one day job, so practice every day. Add your happy and positive thoughts about pregnancy to your pregnancy board. Your pregnancy board grows with you and your baby.(Read what information to include in pregnancy board)
  1. Believe In Your Wishes To Come True For Your Little One: You only achieve success in life because you believed in yourself. Same is the theory for the pregnancy board. Keep your intention simple and clearHappy and Healthy Pregnancy. With this one thought create your pregnancy board. Have a look at your pregnancy board every day to draw the universal energy. So, Manifest your happiness and good health through this board. manifest a healthy eating habit for those 9 months, Walk a mile and yoga to keep you fit, have a happy weekend every week with movie dates. Manifest everything even including good habits for these 9 months and believe it is bringing you happiness. (Read what good pictures to include in your pregnancy board)

What Next : Don’t you want to know HOW TO PREPARE YOUR VERY OWN MY PREGNANCY BOARD ? Click here

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Disclaimer: Please note all the information shared is based on my pregnancy experience and stories shared through generations. The data published on this page is solely for your information and you are requested to use it at your discretion. Before you start any routine, recipe, practice based on this blog please take a go ahead from your Doctor based on your case. We do not take any responsibilities or assure any form of medical procedure, remedies or tests.

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By Urvashi

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wow such valuable tips and I agree starting your day with good mood and positive energy is most important for pregnant women. it helps in reducing pregnancy stress. great series and looking forward for your posts too. #Myfriendalexa #surbhireads

Loved the way you shared your knowledge on pregnancy. Expecting mothers should take good care of themselves so that the new-born is healthy.


Yea. That’s my goal to help to be mommy’s to have a happy and positive approach to coming life

You have 10 years of parenting experience. Would love to talk about it. Why don’t you check and share inputs on my grow with Damuru series. I would love your inputs

Absolutely. The whole purpose of this blog is to help people around me have a happy and positive attitude in life. Kaka be cheerful is my motto

Would be grateful to you for spreading positivity and happiness to people around you

I am definitely going to share your post with mom to be friends basically there are some points which we thought and believe them without any real fact

It’s a concept which was never discussed before. It’s my practice which I am sharing with everyone on my blog

That is an amazing suggestion for a mom to be, why I didn’t come across something like this during mine… I was so busy working and managing things during my pregnancy … I never gave it a thought

I didn’t even knew that there is a thing called pregnancy board. It’s such a positive and exciting idea. Thank you for sharing.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that a women takes and only she can relish the experience of a little life growing inside her. I use to write a pregnancy journal when I ws expecting my 1st child n I love reading it even today.

These are from 2 years back. Had not got a chance to document so now doing it along with the blog

thanks a lot! your words make me happy and positive that i am in the right direction

Bebo bahut Achcha likha ha.Hamare time mein photoshoot karna aisa hota hi nahin tha aur usko Achcha bhi nahin samajhte the lekin abb new generation Mein isko itne acche se lekar,Itna badhiya se Tumne Likha Hai such a wonderful post you wrote. everything what I feel that time when you are in my tummy every thought you wrote . uru proud of you

Thank you so much mumma. Couldn’t have done this without your support ❤️🙏

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