My Pregnancy Board Preparation

Its the right to read more about PREGNANCY BOARD and prepare one for your pregnancy

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Great Job! You have come so far.

Now that you know about My Pregnancy Board. Its TIME to prepare one !

Not much of preparation and exertion is expected when you prepare your My Pregnancy Board. As an expecting couple you should focus on simple and effective methods. Read more about preparation of My pregnancy Board below.


A Capture of My Pregnancy Board

How to prepare My Pregnancy board ?

  1. Traditional– hand made, diy, crafty style which you can make using a chart, card stock, canvas or any other base. Adorn it with pictures, cuttings, paint it, color it, use your favorite colors, make it bright and keep it clutter free
  2. Frames or chalkboard– very much like a milestones, you can use this new style. it give you full freedom to change according to your wish anytime.
  3. Pinterest Board– Just like me make your pregnancy board and add pins which you like. Keep it simple, organize it with sections or you can follow another board for inspiration and keep checking content every day to just enjoy the benefits
  4. Digital Collage on phone – Yes whatever you can do on a card stock you can very well do it here with more ease and faster because it is just a tap away . Some trusted apps I used for my collages are Canva, Picmonkey, picsart. Later make it your wallpaper or download a photo and keep it in your gallery to view
  5. Digital collage on laptop – Yes its just the same as that of a phone but save it on your laptop . Some easy and doable apps (because in pregnancy patience is a virtue)you can use are adobe photoshop, powerpoint or just make it on your phone(landscape) and save on laptop.

Share in comments if you have found any new way to make your pregnancy board. I will add it here with full credits to you.

What to include in My Pregnancy Board ?

  1. Motivations and positive pictures, thoughts, jokes, quotes that inspire, give strength and brings a smile
  2. Information about your pregnancy – Day by day guide of baby growth, Week by week pregnancy information for you, good eating habits, good workouts, tips, trimester milestones. Include benefits of foods , drinks, fruits etc that you would like to follow and include in daily routine, books to read, articles and blogs
  3. Fun and happy pictures of other pregnant couples, maternity shoots, baby. It inspires me every day to see others happy. Money see monkey do when I see other happy I feel happy. It means pregnancy has brought happiness to everyone and so it shall bring to us too
  4. Pictures and quotes that you want to read or see every day – I even included yoga videos here so that I could remind myself my fitness is the most important thing.
  5. Happy and creative ideas to pregnancy photo-shoots, pregnancy activities, family time ideas during pregnancy, checkout the pregnancy journal that I made for my first pregnancy

My very quick 5 tips to making your own My Pregnancy Board

  1. Keep it simple and organised because you want to focus and be happy
  2. Include creative and fun ideas because they are the most important as they bring a smile
  3. Use a light shade background shade to keep the mood pleasant throughout the day
  4. Include one cheerful / healthy/ happy/ funny thought it sets the mood for your day
  5. include one happy baby picture to remind yourself to send happy vibes to little life inside you.



Do do you find it helpful, do share your views and forward this to another expecting couple.  May be you would like to read more on Couples Therapy

Sending love and light your way !


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Disclaimer: Please note all the information shared is based on my pregnancy experience and stories shared through generations. The data published on this page is solely for your information and you are requested to use it at your discretion. Before you start any routine, recipe, practice based on this blog please take a go ahead from your Doctor based on your case. We do not take any responsibilities or assure any form of medical procedure, remedies or tests.

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