A letter to my son

Dear Bubba Vaidik,

Read this when you are happy
Read this when you are sad
Read this when you miss me
Read this when you love me
Read this when you have time
Read this now

Dreams come true so you dream big everyday knowing that everything is possible. You are the master and you are the creator.

Be respectful and polite to every one as they may be going through same emotions like you. Remember a kind word can make someone just as happy as you.

Be the best version of yourself everyday. Give that killer smile and start your day with the winning attitude.

You know you have everything that you need and are always grateful.

Attitude of gratitude is magic and a strength. Remember that Gratitude is your power.

Fall in love everyday with yourself, respect your body , take care of yourself. Your love for self is more important to have a happy life.

When it’s time be bold and take the route that must be taken. Be the strong baby you are now.

There is always a success waiting for you Cherish every small and big moment. You make me proud every day. Smile Smile Smile for there is always something better coming up.

I will be there for you, right with you, holding your hands, with my arms around, hugging you tight and kissing you for I LOVE YOU.

I will be there for you!

Love, Bebu

A letter to my son. Be grateful. Smile Everyday
A letter to my son. Be grateful. Smile Everyday

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love and hugs


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