Top 5 baby care products for O months to 2 years

Comfortable Mom Life with these baby care products

I always dream to have the best and most comfortable life with my little baby Vaidik. These dreams come true with 5 of my favorite baby care products. These make my life as a mom super easy and I use them everyday for all the good things mentioned below. Checkout my review on YouTube as well –

These are my Top 5 baby care products for babies of age O months to 2 years toddlers.

Mother Sparsh Water wipes 

These water wipes are actually made in India and available on Amazon. I was very scared initially but as I used these I have started to fall in love as it makes baby care convenient, affordable and ecological

  • It is 98% water.
  • These are hypo-allergenic and ph balanced so best suited for my little ones delicate skin. it doesn’t cause any rashes. That is the most important thing we all look for in baby wipes
  • It is as good as cotton and water so doesn’t cause any redness or irritation on baby skin as I don’t have to wipe multiple times
  • It is free from harmful chemicals like alcohol & parabens so best for babies right after birth
  • One wipe is enough – wipes have more water content so really easy to use
  • There is very light smell maybe of aloe but that is the good part my baby bums doesn’t smell like some flower bouquet or cause him any irritation
  • The resealable film is good and basic requirement but I would prefer a plastic click lock as well to make life more easy
  • With my purchase a carry bag is also came free so it makes carrying diapers with wipes very convenient
  • Additionally it has Aloe and Vitamin E to nourish and keep baby skin soft.
  • The fabric of the wipe is soft and biodegradable. What else can I ask for baby happy, mamma happy, earth happy
  • It is affordable and lot of discounts and offers keep coming on Amazon.

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

  • It has no harsh chemicals.It is completely pure as it is made with coconut only(no heat involved).
  • It is super gentle on baby’s skin and doesn’t have strong smell 
  • It is non sticky and so light on skin(like water). It suits every skin type
  • It is antimicrobial, anti- inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • It helps cuts, scars, scratches to heal faster and helps to remove scars 
  • It is great relief when applied to mosquito bites. It subsides the itchiness for babies
  • It prevents diaper rash and scratches
  • It heals and soothes rashes faster than other ointments
  • It is great for baby face and hair. It keeps baby skin nourished and soft.
  • It is great for massage during summer to babies
  • Great beauty hack for mumma’s too – make up remover, hair oil, night skin food etc
  • It comes in 200 ml packing which makes it really convenient during travel along with daily baby care

MamaEarth Natural Insect Repellent for babies- 

  • Most important it is Natural and made by herbal extracts
  • The repellent is not strong smelling which makes it convenient to use for babies
  • It can be applied on baby skin directly (but if you are a concerned parent I suggest use on knees and feet first)
  • It is super easy to use – You just have to do a light spray and then slowly rub / apply across. That’s it, you are done.
  • All the repellent you need is this one. No need to put bands, roll on etc
  • It can be applied on legs, arms, back of the neck( mosquito’s first attack point I used to put on hair also)


Chicco Rich Cream 

  • It is from one of the best baby care brand around the globe – Chicco
  • It works as the best baby face cream
  • It very instantly makes my baby’s skin soft and googly woogly
  • Since i use it for my baby’s face a single tube runs for longer period
  • Only a small amount is needed so it is quite effective
  • It is hypoallergenic, contains no alcohol and parabens
  • It moisturizes skin and keeps it soft for longer hours

Cetaphil Moisturizing cream 

  • It is recommended by many doctors for all skin types
  • It has high moisturizing affect (It helped me get rid of cradle cap quite smoothly)
  • It can be used for rashes, dry skin, skin redness and for extreme dryness
  • A very good and wholesome product for baby skin care
  • It can be applied on whole body
  • It comes in tube packing making it easy to handle. There is also lotion which is very convenient to use.
  •  It is expensive so I use it on SOS basis or just for dry areas
  • It can also be used by Parents for moisturizing their skin

PS – This is not a sponsored review . All views are personal. Please use above information at your discretion

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