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Pregnancy and Care

As soon as I got to know that I was pregnant all I wanted was to get the best things in this world for pregnancy. I spoke to my doctors, moms, relatives, friends, other pregnant couples to find the best way to take care of myself and little one.

All the short talks and discussions can be put in 10 points. Here is the BEST list of must haves I have concluded and I suggest to all.

 My Top 10 Pregnancy Must haves

1. Dry fruits

Almonds, Coconut (eat all dry fruits to get their benefits , must eat everyday are almond and coconut)

I ate variety of dry fruits – almonds, cashew, fig, pistachio, dates, kismis, munakka, walnuts, dry blue berries etc Dry fruit bowl was the first thing I used to consume every day of my pregnancy as it gave me good strength to start fresh and do my morning routine.

Almond makes it to the top of the list and without a miss it’s in everybody list. Almonds are especially rich in calcium, folic acid and proteins which are essential for baby’s brain and bones development. It can be eaten raw, roasted, soaked and peeled.

Coconut is best known for its cooling effects in pregnancy. In pregnancy there is a possibility of high BP, acidity, excess peeing, dehydration, vomiting this is when natural minerals of coconut water work wonders. It can be eaten raw, dry, in chutneys, coconut water, coconut milk as per like.

Along with all the vitamins, minerals, calcium, nutrients and micro-nutrients the best thing that these foods do is provide the most beautiful looking pregnancy skin and hair.

Honestly, Mishri or sugar crystals make eating all the dry fruits really easy with its sweet taste. Read all about the pregnancy morning energy bowl here.


2. Bio-Oil

(use coconut oil or body cream)

This is very tricky, the main idea here is to keep skin hydrated at all times and give enough room to your little one. So you need to have good elasticity. I used to apply bio-oil every morning and night. I also would put cream or coconut oil whenever I felt scratchy.

The right way to apply is take handful or oil and then slowly rub everywhere breast, belly, back, bottom, hips, thighs (don’t shy just apply loads of it everywhere)

3. Kokum butter foot cream

Starting from the second trimester when the weight gain is more the feet soles need more relaxation. Also there is tingling in the later stages. Kokum butter has great relaxing effect on feet and if light massage is given then it helps you get to sleep very easily. In Maharashtra Kokum butter is very easily available but now many brands also make foot cream available to buy online.

4. Information

This is one of the reasons why I am writing this for you. Knowledge is power and with the right information your work is half done. Get to know more about each of the trimester, read books like Pregnancy by Rujuta Diwekar, What to expect when you are expecting , read articles from, get mobile applications like – Ovia pregnancy, what to expect for daily information and videos about pregnancy. Along with reading we also attended trimester classes in our hospital. Right Information gives a lot of confidence to handle everything correctly.

5. Comfortable clothing

Every brand has its own maternity line these days so you can definitely shop and have the best time. Shopping makes me very happy. Main idea here is to get soft clothing which gives your skin enough space to breathe and expand. Especially for working ladies getting soft and comfortable clothing that can be worn for at least 7 hours is a must.

Let’s not forget comfy and well cushioned footwear. I used no heel footwear and it kept me sane and pain free when in the last months some swelling came into picture. Flat and cushioned footwear made it really easy for me to walk around in the office and I was comfortable doing my evening walks as well.

6. Pregnancy Journal

In this era when everything is captured on Instagram, Facebook with the best filters it is still important to journal every milestone of pregnancy, click picture every week, write a few words about what’s going on in our heads. We had a crafty journal made and it was so much fun to update everything in that. Every time I go back to see it reminds me if the best days full of happiness, love and care.

Online blogging, Facebook or Instagram posts, YouTube videos, ready made journal, a simple diary – whatever suits you.

Things to ensure is do what you like the most, do what is easy to update, ask family and friends to help you update.

I chose to click picture every week, updated journal for every trimester, added photos from my scans. So I enjoyed it as it wasn’t a burden instead it became fun activity. Have a look at my famous pregnancy journal here 

7. Pillow

Pillows become your second best friend in the last trimester. Ideally left side is the best side to sleep. But with every day it became difficult to sleep in just the left side. Soft pillows helped me a lot. In the market there are maternity pillows like C shaped pillows, U shaped pillows, wedge pillows. Ultimately it is about comfort and ease that pillow can provide. I used a normal soft toy pillow in smiley shape as it fit my needs just fine. I also used regular rectangle pillows for support to my legs. I would turn to a side and then stuff 2-3 pillows between legs for more support. My soft toy pillow used to go under my belly while sitting or lying.

8. Pregnancy tracker

With so many apps it was really difficult to choose which one to use. But here are the 3 favorite trackers I Used – Ovia Pregnancy, Baby Center, What To Expect.

Every day I used to check what new articles are available, what is the expected size, weight etc of my baby. It had baby kick counter. In my labor I used Ovia to track the contractions. So I loved having everything on my tips. Any new symptoms I should look for, diet changes each trimester, many advice along with discussion rooms all available at a swipe.

I couldn’t have managed to identify the active labor without this tracker.

9. Yoga/walking/movement

When my doctor asked me to do Yoga I thought she was crazy. How can I do Yoga when I am pregnant I asked her. She said this is the best way to keep yourself fit and prepared for your delivery. Walking and doing mundane activities is enough for pregnant ladies but do you want to be just pregnant or pregnant and fit? It took me some time and research to find how to do yoga the right way so I and baby both are developing properly with full strength. I will link the yoga that I followed and suggest everyone to do. Remember do what your doctor and body say!

10. Positive attitude

The most important must have in anybody’s life is Positive attitude. It becomes extra necessary when you are pregnant. Your attitude describes and shapes your baby. Your baby knows how happy and satisfied you are. Your baby can pick from each and every emotion of you. Staying calm and being happy is super important. I did a lot if things to keep myself happy and positive. For example – follow a routine, watch a movie, eat my favorite food, eat dessert, put makeup, go for outing and drives, click pictures, talk to friends etc. Read 50 tips on how to have a happy pregnancy here.

All this is my experience and personal views. Please use this information at your discretion. I have loads and tons more to share. Stay tuned to know more about me and my experiences

Here is my YouTube video for more details on this topic.

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