The Future I wish after COVID pandemic

I am always grateful for what I have and here is a wish for a more promising future, more positivity, happiness and love. The future after COVID is uncertain but we hope and pray for the best as we go on creating this world

Community of love and compassion

Social distancing and lockdown has definitely left me ridiculously craving connectedness with family, friends and our many societies. There has not been a time in my life when I longed to meet a human so badly. I wish for one of those idealistic communities in future which cares about everyone. Where sharing is common. Where caring for others is the new normal. Where helping is the fashion. A system that supports our elderly and for specially-abled without asking for religion, caste and blood type. Where a human life matters the most. Where sharing the daily chores, self love, family time, play time and exercise time will be normal rather than a forced upon rule or compulsion or show off.

Read how Alpana wishes for these cute moments between husband and wife at a store to continue to happen after COVID.

Change for ultimate good – Education system

This one wish I probably wanted since I was a child. The learning and education on this rigid education system had suffered the most in this lockdown era. And it’s time for drastic changes in our syllabus, teaching methods and medium. I wish in future our kids have the freedom to choose what they want to study and become genius in. I wish their curiosity increases leaps and bounds outside of the course books. I wish the learning be free and available for all the children.

I wish children be out of those school uniforms and enjoy a new uniform everyday learning every day. I wish children be free to use their brains and discover their interests with guidance and not homework or assignments. I wish children learn to live life rather than just some text. The new normal after COVID should be classroom in the gardens, learnings in the communities, hospitals, factories, and above all, happy child at all the time.

The future I wish after COVID
The future I wish

Love, gratitude and respect for mother nature

This is the biggest wish for our dearest planet Earth and mother nature. It’s a green future that I wish to see. A future where growing our own fruits and vegetables is considered a must follow rule. Where the farms become our favourite weekend getaways. I wish we finally take a SUNDAY HOLIDAY all over the world and give all the vehicles a break or more like our environment a break. The plastics finally stop the misery on our species. I know what all I wish for is an impossible future but I have to dream big and then shall it become a reality. I wish more scientists discover renewable sources of energy and technologies that will help make our life’s sustainable. Technology advancement in search for new life on other planets is what I want to be success. I wish walking, trekking, swimming, running becomes the new normal.

Not just me but many other moms have the same feelings and respect for mother nature check this post by Surbhi where she shares her visions of future.

Work doesn’t need you to come to office

We all have so far learnt our work doesn’t need us in the office. In fact we are more productive when working from home. So yes I want work to get more efficient and smart. In future, I only wish to work 4 hours a day and produce results better than ever. I wish in future the work gets third priority, family and health being the most important one’s. I wish work becomes everybody’s dream work.those 4 hours become super-productive hours. The flexi work timing allows every women who once left job due to one reason or another can join back and be happier. Everyone who retired or left jobs can train his or her junior to take his or her place with full dedication and pay after they leave work.

Life is about celebrating and gratitude

The celebration of life is so much missed. We are living in fear, anger, uncertainty or sadness in these times. COVID has sucked our positivity, our hopes, our vision and our zeal for life. The future I wish afterwards is the one where we celebrate every moment in life, little big wins, togetherness, family, friends and most of all nature. This is all a very happy and rosy picture I agree but this is a hope that keeps me hooked to getting out of this COVID era and live a life in future after this COVID is over. If you want you travel around the world like Gurjeet wishes to travel.

One thing to always remember is happiness is always around we just need to see it and have an attitude of gratitude.

Do you have a dream like mine? Do you have a vision for life after COVID? Share in comments below who knows you might find someone sharing the same dream.

With many hopes I rest my pen for now.

Kaka be cheerful!

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By Urvashi

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16 replies on “The Future I wish after COVID pandemic”

Beautifully penned Urvashi! Loved all your wishlist for a future post-Covid. You have summed up all the key points what we as humanity need to understand now and learn for our future. 😊👍

Certainly there are so many things that you have listed were considered not happening and we’re never been given a thought on.. I am sure when this situation gets over we might have a lot of new ideas to reshape the world

Loved your thoughts specially about educational system. I also feel the same way as education should not be bounded in uniform and rules. Our education system should have a power to raise a curiosity in kids, so that they love to learn each day without feeling too much pressurized.

Classroom in the garden then my daughter is gonna get sunburnt. Hahaha. Yes, I agree life is about celebrating and being with people you love instead of running the race of life.

It’s high time that we speak and do what our heart says and not just think from our heads. Noor you are one of my inspiration to speak my heart.

Beautifully written article… hoping for some of these positives in long run once we come out of pandemic

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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