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Author – Rohini Paranjpe Sathe, an Economist by education, Writer since past six years publishing articles and stories. This is her first book as a fiction writer.

Genre – Fiction

Publisher –

Short Summary – This Book is a collection of seven stories about ordinary people, about the truths and the lies they face, about the drama in their life’s and about the strength they find to overcome the roadblocks and rediscover the happy equilibrium that was once theirs.

My Interesting Take On This Book – When I received this book I wasn’t sure I would like it but for the next hour I was glued to it and declared it unputdownable.

The narrative was so interesting that I had to read stories in one go. These were stories of common people about their problems which have become larger than their lives and have the power to crush them to cinders.All these stories which all of us can relate and would have come across once in life.

Each character of the stories in this book was me.

I could relate so well with everyone of them that I was visualising my version of their life’s along with the read.There are lies, hidden truths, mood swings, hallucinations, get together, friends , family, festivals, brothers, sisters, sons, daughter , soul mates, hard workers, guru, death, suicide, godmother, many more aspects of life that Rohini has tried to put together.

I would not dare to spoil by writing anything about the stories. All I would tell is each story is different from other, each story brings a new emotion in me , each story inspired me to move forward in life , each of this story brought me close to my family and friends.

It is often said that when you are facing problems it never comes alone and to fight it you need strength and these stories are just the right amount of positive motivation and optimism for life.

Rohini’s intelligent, helpful, analytic and positive nature is evident in her writing and most of all her love and knowledge for music is everywhere in the stories.I

loved reading it and look forward for more from her.

Other than a missing page 87/88 there weren’t any errors.

Final Rating – 5/5

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