How to join the blog hop – Women Supporting Women

I am super excited to share how you can join the blog hop – Women Supporting Women. Registration ends 25th November, 2020.

The theme of the blog hop – Women Supporting Women

Theme and Sub Theme for blog hop is women supporting women
Theme and Sub Theme for blog hop is women supporting women

As a women I have a lot of experiences everyday. These experiences have shaped my thoughts and influenced me a lot. I strongly believe in creating an environment which supports my personal and professional growth with the right ways that can inspire other women. I believe in freedom of expression for women is neglected in our society mainly by ourselves due to low self-confidence. The times are changing and so do we.

With this theme in mind me and some of my creatively independent friends I bring this theme of blog hop for you to share your thoughts. The idea is to use all our brains to come up with some practical and useful information for the women of 2021 that will help them in every walk of life.

Sub Theme for the blog hop – Women Supporting Women

The sub Theme for blog hop – Women Supporting Women are broadly divided in below 4 categories.

  1. Women Mental health
  2. Start up and Women Entrepreneur Stories
  3. Women Business Growth
  4. Women Personal Growth Tips

The idea and this whole campaign is to help promote the women of our society and support them enough to regain their self-confidence. So, We all can grow when we work together and support each other everyday.

Rules for the blog hop – Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women Campaign Registration Rules
Women Supporting Women Campaign Registration Rules
  1. Create one fresh post of minimum 500 words on Main theme – Women Support Women, optional to follow Sub Theme. Some options
    • Create a new post with original content for this campaign
    • Create a new post by remixing already present content on web and create a tadkedaar post for this campaign
  2. Publish on agreed date between 5th Dec to 20th Dec, 2020. You can choose the date you wish to publish between December 5, 2020 and December 20, 2020. However if too many request for same date is received then you will be contacted to choose another available date based on first come first serve basis
  3. Comment on all articles from all participants in the blog hop. A very important rule because we all are aiming to increase our engagements and rankings. Complete commenting by 30th December 2020 at max.
  4. Optional – You can give a Backlink or follow you co -participants and organizers.
  5. Help and support each other to keep up the spirit. Lets keep up the spirit of blogging by creating good reading material, actionable items, food for thought for audience. Lets grow together.
  6. Contact us on Whatsapp for any queries – Urvashi(+91 9901170998), Akanksha(+91 9762586308)
  7. Register only if you agree to all rules and enjoy reading all the good content.

Some sample topics for blog can be

  1. How to focus on professional growth for women
  2. How to destress in 2021 for Women
  3. Follow your passion
  4. Take an idea and create your home business or blog in 2021
  5. Guide to be an influential women speaker
  6. 7 books to read in year 2021 for women entrepreneurs
  7. Women startup stories from our society
  8. Women health in 2021
  9. Interviews with survivors of depression or cancer
  10. Awareness around women mental health
  11. Create relationships that support our growth
  12. Organization skills and tips for procrastinating women

Link to Register for the blog hop

Fill this women supporting women blog hop registration form for basic inputs about you.

Register before 25th November 2020 and share this link with friends who might be interested to participate in this blog hop.


* One optional added attraction is as participants you can choose to do an event, live, zoom, etc on your blog post or anything to help other women with this blog hop.  All the participants will share or participate to help spread awareness and word about it .  This will be to help each other grow clause from the rules..

* You can share questions to run a survey among other women about mental health, business growth, tips, strengths, motivation etc

* Events are planned for all participants like live grooming sessions , motivational speeches etc

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By Urvashi

A workaholic turned mummaholic. In search of a sacred space and power to spread happiness and positivity. Write to me at

30 replies on “How to join the blog hop – Women Supporting Women”

Love the concept of blog hop dear. So excited to be a part of it. Already getting so many ideas for writing my post for this.

Register and plan your post before getting in shaadi mode. We will have lit if entertaining games and masterclasses for blog hop participant too

You are superb with bringing motivation Cindy I am looking forward to your post. I am sure you will have something helpful and colorful like you.

That seems inspiring. Idea of blog hop will definitely work. Also the content that you will be covering is something different and unique.

i really liked the concept of building the community which really inspires. it is certainly a great initiative

So excited to read your post. More than that I look forward to the masterclass you are taking up for us. Thank you so much

This is really a great initiative. I really like the idea of blog hop. Looking forward to your post. This is going to be very big soon.

Yeah. No issues next year definitely do it with us. . you can read all the blogs. We will also share few clips of our masterclass with others on social media

More power to all the women all over the blogosphere. Women need to support other women, and empower each other both offline and online to become stronger and relevant. Initiatives like the blog hop must be promoted all over social media. I’ll definitely help getting the word out.

I love hearing from you ! Write your comments below

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