Pregnancy Symptoms and Morning Energy foods

Read about pregnancy foods and how this can help in pregnancy symptoms

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Early Morning Energy food or Dry fruits bowl In Indian Culture

It is a must have in your pregnancy. For all the pregnancy symptoms this morning energy food or bowl is very important. Plan and eat it within 30 minutes of waking up. The first thing in the morning should be one bowl full of energy- dry fruits, may alternatively use fresh fruits, fresh breakfast or milk. Choose what your body likes based on its symptoms. In our Indian culture for pregnant women dry fruits bowl is the first thing they eat as morning energy foods. The growing baby takes maximum nutrients in these hours and so our grand moms and moms are behind us to eat this energy food bowl.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Morning Energy Food
Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Morning Energy Food

What ,Why and how I ate ?

I ate variety of dry fruits – almonds, cashew, fig, pistachio, dates, kismish, munakka, walnuts etc.

Dry fruits bowl was the first thing I used to consume every day of my pregnancy as it gave me good strength to start fresh and do my morning routine. Dry fruits are packed with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and micro-nutrients. The best time to extract the maximum nutrients and benefits from these foods is morning hours. And, this energy filled me with all the happiness and positive feelings about myself and baby. Indian traditional food habits are not only scientific but perfect for pregnancy routines.

Science and tradition go hand in hand

After good sleep and rest of 8 hours our body needs to break the fast. And Fruits, dry fruits are the easiest for our digestive system to start their processes. According to our culture and tradition one bowl of dry fruits in the morning contained soaked almonds and raisins, fresh or dry coconut, fig or anjeer, munakka , mishri, cashew, pistachio, makhana or puffed lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, gulkand , dates , walnuts etc. According to pregnancy, health, weather and geography there would be additions and subtractions.

When I found about my pregnancy and my mom asked me eat these dry fruits I was so happy. But after a week I was bored and full already and didn’t feel like having it ever again. Honestly only Mishri or sugar crystals made eating all the dry fruits really easy with its sweet taste. I started finding ways to avoid eating this. But within a week I realized it was really important to have them because without it I was a kind of sloth in the morning.

The pregnancy routine
It takes strong will and support to follow the pregnancy routine

I will not sugar coat it and be honest. It took a lot of will power, planning and support from husband to help me with this morning energy food bowl. I found an alternative for days when I didn’t want to eat it. I used to save the health benefits of dry fruits in my pregnancy board so that my mind prepares my body when I saw the pregnancy board.

Many alternatives for when you don’t feel like having the morning energy bowl in pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms like nausea, mood swings can cause a lot of problems and disinterest so here are few alternatives to morning energy food bowl

  1. Dry fruit Mix– Take all the nuts – almond, cashew, pistachio with roasted makhana and grind them. I could store it for fifteen days. You can choose to grind one or combination or all nits available according to your choices. Add this powder to your milk and drink it. If not, make halwa and add it to the halwa and have during the day.
  2. Alternative dry fruits Salad – Take the dry fruits cut them in small chunks add some pumpkin or melon seeds if you like with a little honey or mishri.
  3. Fruit– You can even start day with fruits like banana, apple, guava, papaya remember to follow the pointers to identify happy food for you.
  4. Breakfast – have a freshly cooked breakfast if dry fruits, fruits, milk etc is not your cup of tea. Stick with good healthy breakfast. Chole bhature would be counted as healthy only if it brings you that big smile. Please don’t have it everyday. Keep changing the menu. Bring variety and color to your breakfast.
  5. Milk and nuts – Make a shake of your milk and all the dry fruits bowl. Sip it away in style
  6. Milk and fruits – Once again if whole food is not something you can do then go ahead make a fresh fruit smoothie and enjoy your drink. But find the will power to try all options once before you cross them off.

Start of the day is really important as it ensures good digestion. Constipation, acidity or heartburn and other pregnancy symptoms could be easily managed with a right mix of dry fruits. Finally, a good start of day is key to healthy energetic body with a good and happy mood.

Some morning energy foods to include in pregnancy routine and their benefits

Pregnancy Foods and benefits


  • Almond makes it to the top of the list and without a miss it’s in everybody list. Almonds are especially rich in calcium, folic acid and proteins which are essential for baby’s brain and bones development. You can it eat raw, roasted, soaked and peeled as you like. It should definitely be part of morning energy food bowl.
  • Coconut with its cooling effects in pregnancy. In pregnancy there is a possibility of high BP, acidity, excess peeing, dehydration, vomiting this is when natural minerals of coconut water work wonders. You cat eat it raw, dry, in chutneys, coconut water, coconut milk as you like.
  • Mishri with its sweet taste made it easy and kept my heart burns at check. Try getting the old style big crystal sugar which would be like crystal balls. They are the best kinds. Don’t go searching online you should find it in nearby grocery easily
  • Walnuts are rich in anti-oxidants and good fatty acids. It helps lower the blood pressure and even suggested for many heart patients along with almonds
  • When low on iron or towards third trimester I used to include raisins, dates and pomegranate too in my energy bowl.
  • Figs, walnuts and other dry fruits contain high dietary fiber can act as natural laxative and help you with constipation which is very common during pregnancy and one of the reasons why water intake and fiber rich foods are advised
  • A lot of dry fruits help increasing the hemoglobin level and RBC counts in our blood. So they are a very good option to add in our diet. If morning is not possible, add them as snack be happy.
  • Fresh Fruits are a wonderful way to start the day. Follow the happy foods logic to choose fruits. Some good options are banana, apple, guava, papaya. Based on your pregnancy and health you can choose fruits to add. Morning is the best time to have fruits since it gives enough time to our digestive systems to fully digest it throughout the day.

How Much to Eat in pregnancy?

This is again important aspect of the morning energy food bowl. Since, all the dry fruits as high in nutrients, calories and energy so they should always be consumed in moderation. You can choose the best suited combination and measures for your body and pregnancy phase. So, here are few combinations that we loved (both husband and wife had to eat )

  • First Trimester – almonds (5), raisins (5), walnuts (2 whole) soaked overnight, Mishri (small piece) + Coconut (1/1 inch sized piece)
  • Second Trimester – almonds (5), raisins (5), walnuts (2 whole), figs (2) soaked overnight, Mishri (small piece)+ Coconut (1/1 inch sized 2 piece)+ cashew(2) + Pistachio (1)
  • Third trimester – almonds (5), raisins (5), walnuts (2 whole) soaked overnight, Mishri (small piece 2) + Coconut (1/1 inch sized 2 piece) + date (1) + figs (2) dry or soaked +Pistachio (1) + Cashew (1)
  • Powder alternative dry fruits mix – Take a spoonful of the dry fruit mix and add to milk.
  • Alternative dry fruits Salad – Take the dry fruits cut them in small chunks add some pumpkin or melon seeds with a little honey or mishri.

So, If you ask me the best thing that these foods do is provide the most beautiful looking pregnancy skin and hair because of the vitamin E and antioxidants. Personally, when you look that pretty you definitely want to keep the healthy happy foods in your pregnancy routine.

Read here some tips on foods to avoid during pregnancy.

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