50 Tips to have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

50 tips to have a happy pregnancy

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Why have a happy pregnancy ?

Everything we do is for that “Thodi Si Khushi” or little bit of happiness.

And Pregnancy is the biggest happiness in the whole wide world. But Pregnancy brings a lot of stress, drama, worries, and confusions to expecting mothers, couples and families. Amidst all this how to stay happy? Are you ready? Do you want to know how to stay happy and enjoy pregnancy like an expert?

Being HAPPY, SMILING and being CHEERFUL are SWAG and the COOLEST thing one can do during pregnancy. In this series I bring to you the fascinating, tested and well-guarded age old secrets to a Happy Pregnancy so follow #happypregnancyseries

50 Tips to stay happy in pregnancy- Let’s get started

This post is part of HAPPY PREGNANCY SERIES

  1. Have a positive attitude
  2. Always remember your baby feels the way you are feeling – so always be cheerful, smile and be happy (this takes care of everything, pretty much don’t need any of the below tips. Just kidding, please read)
  3. Stop listening to every advice you get and be mindful of advice that come from people other than your doctors
  4. Always consult your doctor
  5. Always follow a pregnancy routine. Once a routine is set nobody has a right to change it. Not even you!
  6. Start your day with morning energy food. Especially include almonds, coconut, mishri
  7. Start your day with a positive and good thought for your baby. Send a smile and kiss to the little one. Here is a wonderful post by Sindhu sharing her tips for staying stress free in a covid situation while pregnant.
  8. Take good care of your skin– face and body. Hydrate it well with face cream, bio-oil, body creams etc. Ensure you apply dollops of moisturizer on areas prone to stretch marks like belly, bums, thighs, back, chest etc.
  9. Relax your body and mind with a light body massage (avoiding stomach)
  10. Get yourself a Kokum butter foot cream and give daily foot massage before sleep
  11. Keep yourself engaged for majority of your day – work, household chores, hobbies, meet friends
  12. Choose a workout according to your pregnancy, trimester and health. You can also do Yoga or walking or swimming
  13. Give EXTRA time to your hobbies because that brings you happiness. Hobbies allow us to manifest our happiness in a creative way. Follow your heart
  14. Read books which talks about happiness and healthy Pregnancy – The Happiness project, Pregnancy notes, What to Expect
  15. Wear light comfortable, flowy clothes that make you look super pregnant and flash that baby bump in style. Clothes makes everyone happy
  16. Start a journal – Include gratitude for good health, growing healthy baby, supportive family, happy life and happy soul. Write about your pregnancy feelings. Put up your pictures
  17. Click lot of photographs – you can choose to get a professional maternity shoot or click pictures yourself. Many fun ideas on my board here. This makes you feel like princess.
  18. Celebrate pregnancy and baby milestones and journal them to cherish it later with family and friends
  19. Go for dates with husband or have a date at home to Strengthen and energize the relationship
  20. Say NO to things that you don’t like – NO to rash driving, NO to Pizza, NO to visiting someone you don’t like, NO to working late.
  21. Have a short break at work every few hours – go to pee, drink water, chit chat with a colleague, checkout the new canteen
  22. Sleep for 15-30 minutes after lunch – this is a beauty nap, power nap, baby nap and a must have happy nap of the day
  23. Don’t hold back watch movies, go for parties, enjoy outings, go to meet friends, relatives and enjoy social life
  24. Set yourself a Fun Goal to achieve in the pregnancy period – I set a goal to watch 17 movies and Oh! It was super fun and made me so happy when i completed it, I set a goal to learn Rajasthani cooking also – I always ended up eating rather than concentrating on cooking. Remember happiness and fun go hand in hand.
  25. Make a support group of girlfriends. You can enjoy getting all help and guidance whenever you need. Trust me! Women support each other more than you know
  26. Travel and go for a baby moon. Relax and enjoy the pampering at the hotel or scenic beauties of the location
  27. See lots of happy, fun, cheerful movies, pictures of happy times or videos as they instantly make you happy.
  28. Eat your favorite food always. Everybody loves to prepare food for pregnant ladies
  29. Get maternity pillow or lots of pillows- for leg, for back, for neck for leg again, for bums. It can make you or anyone laugh.
  30. Start using pregnancy tracker which tells you baby and mother health every day, topics to read, has kick tracker – OVIA is the cute, bright , colorful and the best
  31. Talk to your baby once a day- tell him or her how much you love them
  32. Ask for HELP so that you can live tension free and enjoy pregnancy.
  33. Meet other pregnant ladies and talk to them, share your knowledge and ask them for guidance. It can boost confidence when you meet other pregnant ladies
  34. Plan your FINANCES well ahead of delivery date so that you can be stress free
  35. Attend trimester classes to learn about labour, delivery, birthing and breastfeeding. These are very informative and helps prepare quite well and easily.
  36. Make funny records – Pees today, binge watching movie, kick counts, highest kick. Funny things can make you laugh and pee a lot but still you will be happier
  37. Record videos of baby moving in the belly, kicking the belly when you are hungry
  38. Plan a baby shower according to your traditions or just with friends
  39. Do meditation and simple breathing in morning to have a clam day throughout
  40. Listen to good music. Listen to your favorite songs or sounds of nature. It helps a lot to set the mood of your day

    Happy Pregnancy Tips by
    Happy Pregnancy Tips by
  41. Prepare a pregnancy board. Be creative.
  42. Prepare a pregnancy Journal. Show it to your family. Hide your secret messages for baby in this journal.
  43. Touch your stomach and love your baby inside the belly. It gives you a warm feeling. Maybe the motherhood feeling. But it definitely brings a smile
  44. Have a healthy diet as it makes our lives energetic, easier and happier
  45. Take care of your back and spine – Give it rest and exercise for back strength. A strong back means less cranky
  46. Shopping can make anyone happy. Shop for your little baby. Shop and enjoy
  47. Pack hospital bags for you and little baby. It’s such a cute idea
  48. Drink warm milk with cashew every night for a good sleep
  49. Always pack a lot of food and water for wherever you are going – doctors, movies, drive, office, friends place etc.
  50. Sleep as long as you want on weekends. I know you are smiling at this one. But true. Getting good and long sleep can really boost happy hormones

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Disclaimer: Please note all the information shared is based on my pregnancy experience and stories shared through generations. The data published on this page is solely for your information and you are requested to use it at your discretion. Before you start any routine, recipe, practice based on this blog please take a go ahead from your Doctor based on your case. We do not take any responsibilities or assure any form of medical procedure, remedies or tests.

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