Best Keto-Friendly Sugar free chocolate Ice Cream serves one

This is the easiest and quickest recipe for a sugar free chocolate ice cream. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to prepare and set this ice cream. For people like me who have a sweet tooth this Keto-Friendly Sugar free chocolate Ice Cream is a boon. it comes in handy for when I really want to break my diet and eat that unhealthy sugar loaded junk food.  Plus the idea of preparing your own food is meditative and it challenges me to think out of the box everyday.

Ingredients for Sugar free Ice Cream

  1. Stevia / erythritol/ xylitol (sugar substitute naturally prepared from stevia leaves . Always buy 0g carb stevia. check this in nutrition facts of any stevia. Avoid stevia with sucralose , sulphur too)

2. Fresh paneer/ chaina – 50 gm (homemade is preferred, but you can always order paneer blocks and thaw them before use. The taste will differ but better than stuffing junk food)

3. Cocoa powder- 1 tsp (used for chocolate flavor ice cream, can be replaced with strawberries, dry nuts based on the ice cream variation)

4. Cooking Cream – 25gms (I used normal cooking cream, you can also use unsweetened thick cream )

5. Protein powder – half scoop (I used ON double chocolate whey protein isolate)

6. Chocolate Essence (used for chocolate flavor, can be replaced with vanilla or skipped all together)

7. Unsweetened chocolate chips for garnish( grated almonds, cut strawberries, walnuts, cashews can be used according to the flavor of your choice)

Important notes

The quantities used in this Keto-Friendly Sugar free chocolate Ice Cream recipe are based on my current week weight diet allocations. I would suggest to connect with a nutritionist before using all the quantity. I am following a LCHF diet meaning a low carb high fat diet for weight loss for past 7 weeks. The idea of this diet is to bring body into a Ketosis state where body starts burning fat instead of carbs. The count is usually on calories on most of the diets but the good part of this diet is count is on macros – fats, proteins, carbs.

It is advised always to keep this diet strict and under supervision with weekly customizations from Nutritionist based on weekly weight and body measurements. I have lost 10 kgs in last 7 weeks. I had a wonderful pregnancy but post delivery it had become quite difficult to loose weight. Many reasons can be blamed along with my laziness. well I  I intend to make this LCHF diet a lifestyle with a lazy approach. You can reach out to my nutritionist Shruti on her social media profile giving my reference.

I have used only a part of my allocated meal to prepare this dessert for myself so this is just a portion of my meal on a typical day during diet. Each of the ingredient and brand used were discussed on weekly basis with my nutritionist.

Instructions for Keto-Friendly Sugar free chocolate Ice Cream

  1. Grate Paneer /chaina and add a drop of chocolate essence or vanilla essence.
  2. Mash the Paneer to make a very smooth dough kind of texture.
  3. Add all other dry ingredients – cocoa powder, almonds, walnuts, kesar and mix properly. If you want to use protein powder you can add it now and be quick to mix everything. Add stevia or erythritol as per taste
  4. Finally add Cream and give a mix again to make it smooth
  5. Garnish with chocolate chips or dry fruits as per your wish and put in freezer for 5 – 10 minutes only

Sugar free Strawberry Ice Cream Variation

For a Strawberry flavor ice cream use vanilla essence or strawberry fruit crush. Use finely chopped fresh strawberries as they enhance the taste and flavor.  For strawberry flavor you can even make it with plain, vanilla or strawberry flavored protein powder. Also strawberry flavor enhances with yoghurt instead of cream. I personally love chocolate ice-cream with fresh strawberry.

Desi Indian Kesar Badam Ice Cream Keto Variation

Kesar can instantly turn anything into Indian desi with its aroma. So for a Keto-Friendly Sugar free chocolate Ice Cream go ahead and try this variation too.  Soak a few strands of Kesar in half a teaspoon of full fat milk for few minutes.  Chop almonds/badam, cashew and add them to the paneer. mix everything nicely into smooth dough. You can skip protein powder if you don’t want to add it.  Add some cream and mix again. Use kesar and walnuts to garnish and freeze it for 5 – 10 minutes.

Voila! Your Ice cream is ready to eat.

There is also a Keto Pizza recipe on my blog I used to eat it every day of the week. Check the pizza recipe here.

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Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe. Will definitely going to try today only, Recipe looks easy and doable.

It can be done in 5 mins if you have paneer and everything out in the slab. I have tried myself once and I did it in 3 minutes

Absolutely even my son enjoyed a bite of two and best part I didn’t have to freeze it or anything longer than 10 mins. For kids you can skip protein powder as the taste might be bitter.

Omg is this paneer ice cream. Also, I never on Earth would have known anything like keto ice cream. Thanks for sharing amazing ice cream recipe.

Icecream out of panter actually sounds great to me. I haven’t tried something like this in quite long time. This is creative as well as yummy. Plus I absolutely love icecream. I’m bookmarking it!

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