5 Things You Do When You Are Happy !

Happiness is an art. Successful people do these things repeatedly and daily. 5 things you will do when you are happy -   1. You appreciate the miracle of nature and life. When you are filled with joy you are grateful for your existence. You are thrilled with the beautiful flowers blooming around you. You… Continue reading 5 Things You Do When You Are Happy !


Drinking water for babies and kids

We all know drinking water is an important part of our food and health habits. But drinking water is equally important  as food and critical for babies too especially during weaning. Why is water important? Water is such an important aspect of a human being. Water constitutes the largest portion of our body mass. In… Continue reading Drinking water for babies and kids

DIYs and Play Ideas

DIYs and play ideas

List of DIYs and Play ideas to keep children engaged inside the house (PART 1) DIYS and games with Cardboard boxes Color the box – As the name suggests all you need to do is color the box everywhere – inside, outside, edges. It will take up at least twenty to thirty minutes and finally… Continue reading DIYs and play ideas