Jinxed days – Toddler Tales day 10

Yes, it’s true! There are days when no games work. When activities get thrashed left and right. And everyone says your turn to take care of baby. I know it all sounds scary but it’s true a 101 percent. Because we have it every now and then without mercy. Suddenly it feels like the dementors are sucking the last bit of happiness from my inside. On days like these we have to work a little less to ensure the smooth functioning of our household and spend more time with the little one. And get back to basics of life and live in the present. Live in the moment and be a mindful parent.

Ate you out of ideas to entertain toddlers
Ate you out of ideas to entertain toddlers

Pump some energy with physical movements

It’s funny that everyone tells our mind controls our body but it is true the other way round also. Our body can also control the mind. To get rid of the lethargy and negativity that has crept in it’s time to do some movers and shakers. Challenge your little ones to do all of the below. They may be crying, hiding, running away but this sure will do the trick.

but before we go ahead get yourself some strength using these amazing yoga poses recommended by Roma. Now back to kids, Give them the tough task and see the magic. It’s best if you do along with them. It encourages healthy competition and you get fit free if cost.

  • Wiggle your fingers
  • Shake your arms
  • Move your head side to side
  • Shoulder dance
  • Twist your hips
  • Jump up high and low
  • Rotate your ankles
  • Wiggle your toes
  • Stand on your toes

Let’s make it a little bit exciting

  • Swim like a fish
  • Walk like a crab
  • Slide like a snail
  • Hop like a bunny
  • Do the frog jump
  • Now butterfly
  • Quack like a duck
  • Slow walk like a cow

Get to hardest part

  • Do the Jumping Jack’s
  • Do surya namaskar
  • Do the lungi dance

Use some of the songs from our favourites to help you kick start. Don’t feel shy the more silly the better it is.

Learn to control toddler mood via exercise, play and food
Learn to control toddler mood via exercise, play and food

Junk food for some happiness

It’s true you get happiness from food. And kids may sometimes want to eat fried, sweet, chips, biscuits, chocolates or other packaged food. On days like jinxed days its must to break the regular food habit and give your kids some treats. It could be fries, burger, pakodi, cake, ice cream etc. This too shall pass. Feed them if you have to. Enjoy a meal together. Sometimes touch works wonders for bad mood.

One thing for sure lockdown has taught us is cooking some good and quick recipes to follow

  • Pancakes by Veg recipes of india
  • No-cook ice cream
  • One minute mug cake
  • No yeast Chole bhature
  • Pyaz aur aloo Pakode
  • Pizza without cheeae
  • Tri Color Pasta
  • Garlic bread and fries
  • Dosa
  • Chocolate nibbles

For recipes please leave a comment I will do a detail post in upcoming weeks. If you have few more dishes to add please do share that too. I would love to add your suggestions to this list and your recipe with full credits to you.

Being funny is no more funny but it is witty

When I was a kid just a simple magic trick like taking out a lollipop from pocket would be enough to cheer me up. Now it’s tough and every trick I try with Vaidik makes me aware that this generation is too fast and too anxious to just get to some place. They are missing the innocence or probably am just overthinking. Anyways I have found a great way to become funny for my 2 year old

  • Be a jabberwocky, throw a few tongue twisters and you turn into a goddess for your own son who was disinterested in me already
  • Do some science tricks. Like sink or float, colour disperse, candle inside the glass etc
  • Get a new game or toy magically(no shops open). I ended up opening old trunks and found my childhood toys which have become new toys for my son
  • Build a tent for them and play with them inside it. Or just pretend you are in a tent under the table
  • Juggling like a joker used to be funny but not anymore. This joker has to do a lot of good ups and silly stuff to entertain like holding sketch pen between nose and lips, wear a dupatta like a ghost, act like animals and give a horse ride too

Smile and spend your day with your little toddler. All they want is us. Our presence, attention, love and care. enjoy and stay positive.

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Sounds like nice ideas. Good post.

I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

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Thank you Lenni. Your kind words have boosted my confidence. Due to lockdown I am not blogging in full capacity . I am continuing to write my posts till z even after the timeline is over. It’s a great challenge that you are hosting

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