Hathdaan Haldi Tel Vinayak – Day 8 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

Rajasthani weddings have countless rituals. When I close my eyes and start thinking about the wedding all I remember seeing every time is many ladies clad in sarees with ghoonghat till their chin and singing, dancing, playing all the wedding games and enjoying all the rituals.

One such happy and fun-filled event is Haldi. I have always dreamt my Haldi to be a close-knit affair with all the leg pulling, teasing, singing and dancing. It was no less than my dreams. With everyone enjoying to rub haldi-besan ubtan over my face, hand, leg and even my hair. It was like playing a wild Holi.

Since it was to be done before breakfast you will see me in my night suit only. But I loved being able to loosen up and spend time with my friends and aunts.

The best part of this event is at the end of this function my uncles were supposed to pick me and take me to my room so that I can start getting ready for the wedding. I was so heavy they couldn’t pick me up instead they just took me by hand and dropped me off at my room(It is funny because my uncles gave me the challenge to lose weight and they would give 5000 for every one kg I reduce, but I didn’t, instead weight gain was evident)

Jokes and songs are key to make all these wedding functions lively and enjoyable. I just love all the games and prayer rituals happening along with the ubtan applying process. It made me feel so special and helped my skin to glow and stay positive during the entire time.

Have a look at my haldi function picture

Think positive and be happy!

Do share your views about how you liked your wedding rituals.

Oh, I forgot to mention just while I was enjoying and getting pampered the groom was being lovingly tortured by his cousins. They put haldi ubtan with some mustard oil, banana, ketchup, honey etc. Poor fellow could just smile while everyone laughed out their hearts.

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Indian traditional marriages are so full of ceremonies and rituals. It is really exciting and many look forward to participating in the act. With so many uncles, aunts, cousins, grand parents participating, it is a lifelong memory.

Yeah our rich traditions have so much to offer. There is no end of festivities and celebration for a community when it is about marriage. And every ceremony or ritual has many stories attached to it. I am sure I will soon do a series of these stories associated with wedding and marriages 👍

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