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The TOUCH THERAPY to fall in love with your baby and yourself


How to fall in love with your baby in less than a minute ? Can I teach you this love? YES!

You can say it’s my baby I don’t need to fall in love because I already love him or her .

That is not enough! That is not love that is your job. Falling in love is a constant process which we have to do everyday. As parents we do everything selflessly and out of the feeling of care and responsibility for our little ones. But do you feel the same thrill today that you felt when your baby started calling you Papa or Mumma ?

Do you still feel excited when your baby walks as if it is the first walk ?

Don’t you know already what your baby needs?

Is there anything surprising you everyday which is as common as waking up and brushing?

Are you excited to go to washroom in the night with your kids?

Do you spend enough ME time? Is your child happy to let go off you during the days?

Do you feel relaxed and accomplished about your bond with your baby?

Are you worried your baby might love someone other than you more than you?

If you answered NO for any of the questions above you should read this.

This is the post you should READ EVERYDAY, SAVE IT and set a reminder to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BABY with THE TOUCH THERAPY

I call it THE TOUCH THERAPY. It started the day Vaidik was born.

The intensity of love  – The time I spent caressing him just for the sake of spending time and no other motherly motive (to calm, to feed, to make him sleep, to distract) was the time I felt my LOVE to be most powerful.

Beleive in Touch Therapy – It helped me even to increase the milk supply when Vaidik was feeding during months after he was 6 months. This is a well kept secret of generations in Indian culture that touch can help you feel energized, strong and connected with LOVE. Specially for a bond between parent and kid this SECRET works wonders. Spending a minute simply lovingly touching the baby will help you fall in love all over again.

As Vaidik is growing now this works for me to forget all the pain and gain of the day and fall back in love with him. I get angry, upset and worried like any other parent but spending one minute caring for him changes the whole ‘mom on the run mode’ and puts me in the ‘calm and loving mom mode’.

Touch is the strongest connection we can have with our kids. The TOUCH THERAPY is the biggest strength and secret we have as parents.

Use the TOUCH THERAPY everyday!

JUST a minute TOUCH THERAPY and achieve these LITTLE for some BIG for some BUT significant WINS with little hearts. here is the list grouped according to age-

1. BABIES – babies become calm and happier, increased breast milk supply for nursing mom, happier families
2. INFANTS – happier and playful, reduced separation anxiety, happier and calm parents
3. TODDLER – happier and Independent, reduced tantrums, happy parents, easy communication, instant trick to calm down
4. SPECIAL KIDS – happier and stronger,
connect with family

With age this therapy changes.

A smart and positive parent will automatically change it for the need.

Here are some time tested and celebrated techniques of TOUCH THERAPY worldwide –

  1.  Start with ONE minute touch therapy for a baby every few hours. Caress her with only one motive LOVE
  2.  Spend every day ONE minute just after your child wakes up to LOVE them. Feel the connection and bond strengthen.
  3.  Spend every day ONE minute just before sleeping with your child to tuck them in bed and touch therapy love them. They will know you have their backs..
  4.  Spend every day ONE minute just when your child returns home from school or play to LOVE and hear them. Feel the life and excitement in them. Be there in the moment with them.
  5. Spend every day ONE minute with your kid just to LOVE them in sleep or watching birds or playing board games or painting. This will show them your LOVE, your SUPPORT, your ATTENTION, your care and your PRESENCE
  6.  It’s FUNNY how this therapy works wonders for parents. FUNNY and WORKS! Spend every day ONE minute just to touch therapy love your partner and see how the magic of your relationship returns to its glorious days.
  7.  Spend every day ONE minute to care for parents and strengthen your bond with them. It shows you are responsible and loving.
  8.  Spend every day ONE minute to care and love YOURSELF and voila you just got your much-needed motivation for ME TIME.
  9. Spend ONE minute every few hours with your kid (Special kid for others) to connect with them, give them strength, LOVE them, show them you have their back.

PLEASE NOTE THE POINT I MENTIONED ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR A PARENT AND CHILD. Do not let anyone take these moments from you. These help you and your little one create ONE Strong and LOVING bond. Be proactive and positive all the time using TOUCH THERAPY

Use these free printable to remind yourself to Stay Positive and be cheerful !

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