How to trick yourself into a gratitude practice

like being optimistic for no other reason but just simple happiness and an honest appreciation of our present. It is our attempt to be a better version of ourselves every day

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Haven’t we all heard the saying – “fake it till you make it”? It may seem like just another social media trend but it works when it comes to our minds and thoughts. Is it true you may ask? You may even think that it is absurd? Or you may just buy this idea as it’s quite simple. Well, let’s dig deep to find what is fake gratitude and what games our mind and thoughts play with us.

Trick yourself into gratitude practice
Trick yourself into gratitude practice

What is fake gratitude?

There is no such thing as fake gratitude. There is only one gratitude which means you and I are thankful. It means we are being thankful for things that we may have or even for things we have not received or manifested but we still go ahead and express gratitude as if we have received and are feeling truly blessed. More like being optimistic for no other reason but just simple happiness and an honest appreciation of our present. It is our attempt to be a better version of ourselves every day.

How can you fake gratitude?

Faking gratitude is like planting a seed so deep in your conscience that reaps the benefits of your desire by pushing you to act and get what you want. Point to note when you are feeling blessed and you express gratitude it takes your thoughts to the highest frequency. Where you are vibrating on a frequency same as what you were always hoping to be in. I know it sounds right out of Abraham hicks teachings but it is the truth or at least I am convinced in this idea. When you are on the same frequency of what your desire, then your thoughts are manifested in the real world almost instantly.

A very motivating saying – “Himmat-e-Marda toh Maddat-e-Khuda“. This means if you just show the courage to dream about your goals you will always find help to achieve your goals. Haven’t you seen the advertisement where many cricketers share their stories about how someone was always there to help. The dialogue goes like “jab sapna bada ho toh koi akela nahi hota” meaning when your dream is big and you are working hard towards it then you will always have support from people around you to achieve your goals. Just like hard work reaps the fruits of success, daily gratitude practice helps to manifest our desires.

Is fake gratitude a cowardly thought? How does it help you create your daily practice?

As funny as it sounds to read faking gratitude is not some nerdy geeky headless topic, it is the same seed of inception which then pushes you to act and achieve. You cannot hope to win a lottery if you don’t go out and purchase your ticket and choose the lucky numbers. you may say I have bought many tickets but haven’t won any lottery yet so what went wrong? Well, what really went wrong is you never thought you could win really so there is no way those million dollars landed in your bank account.

Did I win the million-dollar lottery? NO. So, what gives me the right to tell you how to win it? My desires are manifested in my ability to support my family, help other people, or heal people in pain. I do things I once wanted and now I desire more(Humans are a very interesting species and very difficult to satisfy as you must also have noticed). My dream is to be able to bring happiness to a million people through my work, and my initiatives. I wish to inspire them to continue this happiness chain of #KakaBeCheerful even when I am not around. It is my desire to grow compassion in the community.

Sometimes It may not bring all or any result that you set out to achieve but you would be happy. When you look back at all your efforts you will find that what you desired in your gratitudes is always received. Gratitudes keep us grounded and sets us on the right path in our life quest.

Steps for beginners?

I once wrote about how you can start a daily gratitude practice. Follow this link and read more. If you think you are someone who lacks discipline you might as well use this guide on daily prompts on gratitude journal.

Don’t worry if you are inconsistent like me, you can always start over and always be thankful. I have found that being happy constantly pushes us to write it because then we have something to share and we don’t doubt ourselves as gratitude comes naturally. A quick tip before I close today find a photograph from your gallery or picture album where you were happy and grateful vibrating in joy at a high that you wish to repeat. Add that picture to your vision board or wallpaper. See it a couple of times during the day. Your mood will start anchoring

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