Blogging in 2020 – my favourite blogging apps for Android mobiles

read about Android mobile apps that make blogging simpler and manageable

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The usual queries how we do what we do

Some common questions bloggers ask each other – How did you get the formatting done so quick? Is there any spell-check tool you use? What tool do you use for creating these beautiful pins graphic, etc? Do you automate your posts? What are the tools you use for Blogging? Do you use a laptop for everything or just mobile apps?

Well, each of us bloggers uses a different app, suite or program based on our personal preference, habits, ease of use and our purpose. Mobile is used by everyone because of its easy availability and accessibility. I sometimes don’t open my laptop for days because starting from keyword research to editing, creating pins to infographics and printables everything can be done on my mobile.

If you are  new to blogging and are looking for some great tips please read here

Please find the list of apps(mostly FREE😆) I use regularly on my mobile for blogging

1. Notes

It is the most important mobile app. We all get ideas literally at any time if the day so this comes in handy for jotting ideas, tough words, outlines and scribblings on a topic. Traditional versions are diaries, journals and notepads.

I use the notes app which comes pre-installed in mobiles, while Evernote is widely recommended by other bloggers

2. WordPress app

If you are planning to start blogging, or if you are a veteran blogger you have to be using WordPress. Everything else is history. I love WordPress for it is intuitive and adaptable to changing requirements of bloggers. And it’s free too(wink). It doesn’t need complex coding or tech-savvy team to host a blog. I for now call it the best and I suggest everyone move to WordPress promptly.

3. Grammarly

You wouldn’t want any spell-check or dictionary after Grammarly app. It has a desktop and a mobile-friendly version too. It’s time-saving and assists better than a thesaurus. It has smart features like autocorrect, spell-check, better words and easy integration with other apps. Funny thing is it has helped me improve my vocabulary. Why don’t t you try it here

4. Google docs.

I typically use Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel for numerous activities like editing, research, graphics, to-do lists, checklists, infographic etc on my laptop. I would end up using a laptop along with mobile and would be running back to workstation more often than loo. But Google docs on my mobile has made it manageable for me to just work with just one equipment.

5. Canva

All the pictures, collages, background, display pictures get edited on Canva. This is one heavily used app on my mobile. I use it not just for blogging on the website but also for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts. I have made some of the nicest infographics and checklists for my blogs using Canva. I am using it a lot more than WhatsApp on my phone.

6. Legend

One of the first apps which I started using when I did Vlogging and is still my favourite for creating gifs, introduction logo etc. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here

7. PicsArt

Blogging was majorly sharing thoughts through words but it has evolved over the last few years. It is also good pictures, videos along with great content. So for people like me with average photography skills, PicsArt is lifesaving app for us.

8. Inshot

Multimedia posts are trending these days. So a video editor which is easy to use and does basic editing is a must. My friend whose following is 40k plus uses Inshot app for his singing clips too. So you can rest assured to get good output clip from this app. Money saving tip- Remove the watermark by watching a free advert.

9. Trello

I have poor administrative skills. When it comes to time, ideas, publishing so this one appapp helps me to have some discipline and accomplish the majority of tasks and yet it supports me in many ways like planning month-long posts, collecting ideas for a post, checklist creation etc.


10. UberSuggest

Everyone uses it. Not exactly an app but the best tool for keyword research, content and SEO tips etc. I practically open it every week. If you are a blogger it is very helpful in learning new tips and strategies. I am not very effective in using it yet. But I am learning and suggest every blogger try it out. You can access here



The one app which actually blatantly tells me to wake up as it is time to post. So yes you guessed it right. I usually set up alarms and reminders to post. I am planning to try out some tools to automate publishing. Will probably share it when I have tried some.

Updated : (8/24/2020) i found this wonderful article which adds some amazing tips, apps for us bloggers by Noor at

This is an open post. As if now I am trying out Google Analytics tool, Pocket, voice recorder, diary. I will keep updating for new helpful information on mobile apps for blogging.If you have any tools that you think should be added to this list please share and I will add here with full credits to you.

Blogging apps on my mobile Blogging apps on my mobile

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Nice that all this works for you but I’m still old school and love typing out in word. Have not written a blog on the mobile yet. I find it very uncomfortable.

Wow. Fortunately, I have changed with time. So it’s convenient and I am adaptable to new ideas because of it

Thanks. It’s good to know that you too approve if this list

Thanks for stopping by. It’s really great to know you too love these apps

I am trying it. Thanks for thettip . Surely putting effort to try it and learn more how to use it effectively

Trello is just planning and reminder to schedule post you might need to do on own as of now

These are some amazing and helpful apps, mostly I am using above apps but Trello & Uber I never used. I will definitely going to use these apps. Thanks for sharing this article

Happy to help. One of the fellow bloggers confirmed ubersuggest is great

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