15 minute LCHF pizza recipe

Lchf veg pizza using cottage cheese, almond flour and coconut flour
Lchf veg pizza using cottage cheese, almond flour and coconut flour

My pure veg #lchf diet

I am following lchf (low carb high fat) diet now for almost 7 weeks. The reason is I put on a lot of weight during lockdown and my postpartum weight was still there after 1 year of breastfeeding and another 2 years of rest. So basically I am lazy, overweight, obese, unhealthy in every way possible.

Being a foodie and a human with very little self control I was missing pizza. Here is my recipe of pizza using the allowed quantities for one meal in my diet.

I realised cooking in this diet gave me lot of opportunity to experiment with food like cottage cheese / paneer. In coming weeks I will share more recipes from my diet. To put in some energy and bring some enthusiasm here is a fun fact. I have lost 10 kgs in 2 months that I have started following this diet.


15 gms coconut flour

15 gms almond flour

100 gms cottage cheese

1  processed cheese cube

25 gms capsicum

15 gms tomato

1 clove garlic

15 gms ghee

salt to taste


Grind and paste garlic and tomato

Make dough with flours, salt and 50gm cottage cheese using table spoon hot water

Add psyllium husk to flour for binding

Roll out the dough directly on non stick pan

Top the pizza base with tomato paste, capsicum, remaining cheese

Cover and Cook the pizza on pan on low flame for 10 mins

Slice and serve

In this journey of dieting and strict nutrition blogging has kept me sane and inspired me everyday. This is a very good post-pregnancy weight loss recipe too.

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15 replies on “15 minute LCHF pizza recipe”

oh this is like what my husband makes for his keto pizza. its yummy but i still prefer eating normal pizza. all the best to you losing the baby weight..

This looks absolutely delicious! I am pinning for later! Will definitely going to try this for sure. Thanks for the recipe

This sounds like a nice and quick Pizza recipe. The best part is it is low on Carbs and one can make it easily at home. Will try out this recipe over the weekend and give the Dominoes and their kinds a run for their money!

Same pinch… the lockdown is now reflecting on my body too… I’ve too been following a diet from last 1month n such great recipe to relish pizza during diet.. I cannot miss making it.

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