What’s in my hospital bag ?😎

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What’s in my hospital bag ?😎
😇👉👉Please save this post if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, full term pregnant or if you don’t know what is a hospital bag?
👌🤰A hospital bag is what mom to be or her friends and relatives carry to hospital for her and baby during active labour and delivery.
🤷Once the water breaks or its time then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to collect all the stuff needed for this final phase so best way is to plan and prepare well ahead.
👼Here in the pictures is this list which I have used for myself and share with all my expecting friends and relatives.
Along with this in comments below are few tips(it’s labour I am talking about so just a few😍) for each of you the mom to be ,for the baby and every one else.
👍👍what is the right time to pack this hospital bag ?
😉😉Well, once you enter 9th month or anytime after 32 weeks is a good time to do it as you will have strength and hormones to do it or get it done. Print this list , discuss with your doctor, family and finalize what all you want to buy and carry in the hospital bag.
😀If you have OCD it is good to keep the print in your bag so anyone can check what items are present and help you out if needed. Please keep a backup know-where person who knows where everything is kept in case you are not able to tell or get it yourself.
💐This list is mainly customised for Indian families but can be referred by everyone 💐
.(Please do refer to the info graphs☺️☺️☺️)
For Mommy to be
‌Face wipes
‌Wet wipes
‌Bath towels
‌Flip flops
‌Phone charger
‌Under pant – 10
‌Lip balm
‌Eye mask
‌Snacks drinks water and cash change
‌Mom clothes gowns – 2 , old – 2 front open
‌Going home outfit mom – 1
‌Nursing Bra
‌Breast pad
‌Maternity sanitary pad- Trumom
‌Toothpaste brush,moisturiser ,biooil or body butter comb hairband makeup
‌Softy pillow
‌Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
‌ear muffler / stole- 2
‌thyroid meds
‌hand fan

Tips for Mom

‌take everything front open for easy nursing and doctor visits
‌Carry your own soft shawls, pillows, anything that calms you
‌always smile and remember this too shall pass

For Baby
‌Baby sock and mittens
‌Multiple baby size outfit in muslin, flannel or woollen and ganji material
‌Going home outfit mom N baby
‌Diaper bag
‌Receiver blanket **
‌Baby wipes clothes burp cloth muslin square lotion blanket sock mittens diaper rash cream
‌Baby oils.
‌Baby nappy or diaper 30 **
‌Chandi bowl spoon
‌Baby muslin clothes **
‌Baby nail cutter thermometer mild detergent wash
‌Rubber sheet macintosh or quick dry
‌Baby banyan vest jhabla etc front open kinds**
‌body suit
‌plastic sheet
‌pillow- rai or mustard seed
‌baby powder
‌ Tips for baby
‌Things with ** are most important
‌Carry old soft muslin clothes
‌Check with doctor before applying or feeding anything foreign to baby. Baby should only be given motherfeed
‌keep baby close for body warmth and love
For everyone else or others. Yes tou have to pack for them as well. Pack lots of SNACKS for them and they will be happy to take care of you. Just kidding. You need to enable them with all information before hand ao they can help at the right time. It is important to have husband around all the time but he too will need breaks. So family and friends will be grateful to you for packing this bag for them. Check out the list
‌All phone charger
‌Extension cord
‌Packard extra bags
‌Notepad pen
‌Power bank
‌Insurance paper I’d card and file
‌Hand towels
‌Kettle and flask
‌Extra clothes for all
‌Plates spoon bowls glass disposable
‌Plastic cover N old bedsheets
‌Old newspaper
‌Old cotton clothes for mom , cotton dupatta
‌Liquid soap
‌Tissue roll
‌Hand towels
‌Toothpaste toothbrush moisturiser biooil or body butter comb hairband makeup
‌playing cards
‌hand fan
‌Emergency contacts list
‌Blood donation contacts
‌Doctors contact
‌Home Keys
‌Extra cash

Some Tips for everyone
‌be supportive and calm at all times
‌call doctor if any emergency
‌listen to hospital staff very carefully
‌know where everything is kept or packed
No more tips. Just be positive and breathe. You have come this far . With your planning and preparation everything will be smooth.

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